Photobooth at OSU dinner party

Boom Boom Booth


Hi folks! I’m Terrix and I’m your playful photographer for your events. Not only do I capture your fun moments with your friends, I have a part to play too. I help to make your photographing experience memorable. No more stern-looking photographer telling you what to do. Just do whatever you want and enjoy your party!

I have equipments ready for you, and what you need to do is to provide a space with any backdrop of your choice. No backdrop? No worries! Terrix knows magic. We have a few backdrops for you to choose. We also make custom props for different events. And we’re always happy to know what you’re interested in and we’ll happily make them for you!

Now, Terrix has to make a move now. He has something to tell you. Don’t be afraid to hear lots of BOOM BOOM noises during your party, as that’s Terrix’s specialty!

Visit our website to know more about our photography services.

3 – 2 – 1 – BOOM! Cya!


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