Photobooth at OSU dinner party

Blog 3: BOOM BOOM Booth


1. Design a web site about something that you like. Describe exactly who the anticipated audience is, and how the particular characteristics of this audience will affect the design and implementation of your web site. 

A little background of my business

My partner and I have been operating Ool Photo for a couple of years from Singapore to Brisbane. Ool Photo is a photography business that has its primary focus mainly on weddings and events. In every event that we have attended, we realised that there is a big shift in focus from photographing the leading “actors and actresses” with passive audiences watching, to the audiences actively participating in the celebration itself. That’s when live photography and photobooths started springing up. It becomes mandatory that every bride would love to hire a good photographer to capture the happiest days of their lives, and also a photobooth of some sort to entice their loved ones to share the joy with them. This definitely make weddings and other events more enjoyable for both groups of people.

Our first photobooth was actually held in my house. I was organizing a Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration during my summer holidays before my new semester started in March this year. I was just casually suggesting this idea to my friends who are in the same age group as me (between 20-30), and to my surprise, they’re more excited than I am. We did some quick research on photobooth props and backgrounds and we started cutting shiny sheets of paper. Since the theme is Chinese New Year, we decided to cut out pineapples and some Chinesey banners that you guys can’t really read, and of course the standard props like the spectacles and the hat. Red and gold is the theme since they’re extremely auspicious and bring us prosperity (that’s what the elders said).

We have a very receptive response, though we realised that there’s some people who do not really like to be photographed and was trying to escape from there!

CNY celebration

Celebrating our Chinese New Year with steamboat and photobooth!

We next held our photobooth during a lavish dinner party organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit in Brisbane. Due to our innovative and overwhelming response during our private CNY party, one of my friends suggested to our Singapore Student Association (SSA, a student club for us) to let us hold this booth to bring up the mood (You do know events like this may be boring sometimes and the audiences can sneak out for some shots). Indeed, there were many crazy Singaporeans vying for the booth and taking some really hilarious photos of themselves (and the photographer). The age group is generally between 18 to 30 odd.

Photobooth at OSU dinner party

Crazy Singaporeans enjoying their time at the booth!

Photobooth at OSU dinner party

One shot isn’t enough. Another shot!

Photobooth at OSU dinner party

I’m sorry if you can’t read those English signboards. Or maybe they appear to be English

We also have this client who wants to have a photobooth for their kid’s birthday.

Kid's birthday

Even kids know how to act cool

Target audience

After holding some photobooths and experiencing the pros and cons, we decided to be serious and make this into the next big thing. Based on our experiences and those of our competitors, we have classified our target audience to be in these groups.

  • Wedding couples
  • Birthdays (kids, teenagers, adults)
  • The event planners
  • Corporate events

The age group that we’re looking at is between 20-40 years old because these people fall under the working adult section (having a disposable income to pay for extra services).We’re looking more at females as females are more excited about photos and keeping fond memories. Most of the time, the brides will be taking care of the photos rather than the groom. These people are also at a marriageable age, or they might already be parents and their kids are big enough to take part in birthday parties. There may be corporations that want to make their events more happening. And also event planners who want to engage various services. Currently, we’re looking at both the Brisbane and the Singapore market.

Our objectives

Instead of being ANOTHER photobooth, we strive to be a little different. From our market research, we found out that many photobooths are manned by not-so-exciting-and-lovable photographers or self-operated photobooths with cookie-cutter props. Hence, we decided to DIY our own props or source for interesting and unconventional props which will make a huge difference to our competitors. We will also come up with unconventional themes and exotic backgrounds that fit different events. We can produce studio quality, vintage and glamorous look, provide unparalleled customer service, and yet still affordable for our mid-income clients. Our only aim is to make the event fun and unforgettable. What we are selling is not only the photos, but also the experience with the photographer.

Our competitors

One Eye Click Live

Mid quality, expensiveOne Click Eye Live

Seven Ink

Low quality, cheap

7 ink


Epic Exposure Photobooths

Self-operated, cheap

Epic Exposure Booths

Joe Elario Photography

High end, expensive

 John Elario Photography


Our identity and image

We want to show our target audience that we’re fun, funny, creative and quirky. We want to attract people who are fun-loving, daring and love taking photos. We decided to use T-rex as our logo (since dinosaurs are our favourite animal) and call it BOOM BOOM Booth. My photographer loves to say “3-2-1-BOOM”, and hence the inspiration for the name. Our slogan will be “We will rock you”. And therefore, our website should be nothing too serious, have a few illustrations of the adorable dinosaur, an easy to navigate website which shows links to photo albums, contact details and about us, and most importantly, it must exude a feeling of fun and enjoyable.

2. Construct blueprint diagrams illustrating the structure by which a user will interact with your web site’s components.

BOOM BOOM Booth sitemap

A sitemap of how BOOM BOOM Booth is like

3. Create a series of low/medium fidelity wireframes for the main pages of the web site.

Home page

Home page

Since our website is all about photos and fun, we have to set the mood in the home page. The photos have to be engaging in order to lure potential customers to continue navigating the site. In order to minimise visual disruptions, I’ve placed the logo on one side and a menu icon on the right, whereby the menu will slide in when the icon is clicked. This saves quite a lot of clutter from the home screen.

Home page menu slide in

Home page menu slide in

A neat way of displaying the global navigation menu which involves links to main pages and the search navigation.

Gallery page - by date

Gallery page – by date

Putting photos into albums make things more organised and easy to browse. These albums are sorted in various ways: Title, Date, Location and Category type. There’s a local search navigation that searches for albums only.

Gallery page - by title

Gallery page – by title

Gallery page - by location

Gallery page – by location

Gallery page - search gallery

Gallery page – search gallery

Album photo gallery

Album photo gallery

Clicking into the album brings users to a photo slideshow where users can have a general browse through specific events. There’s also a local navigation system that brings users between albums.

4. Design a metadata matrix that presents the vocabulary terms and relationships. You need only present accepted and variant terms in an accompanying controlled vocabulary database.

Metadata Matrix

Vocabulary Description Examples Maintenance
Photo Booth A small partitioned enclosure for photographing Mobile photobooth, DIY photobooth Moderate
Gallery A place to view photos Web gallery, online gallery Easy
Album A collection of photos Photo album Easy
Prop An object used in posing for photos Hats, moustache, crown, lips High
Backdrop A setting for the photobooth Wall patterns, curtains, barricades High
Slideshow A series of photo slides Photo gallery Easy
Printing A production of photographs Photo printing Moderate
Blog A weblog Blogging of recent events Moderate
Portfolio A collection of best photography works Photography portfolio Easy
Category Classifying albums into different genres Birthday, Wedding, Event Easy
Sort Sort albums chronologically, geographically or alphabetically Sort by date, location or title Easy
Services Photobooth and photo printing services Setting photobooths during events, printing photos Moderate
FAQ A list of questions that clients usually ask How much, What props do you have High
Archives A backlog of all blog posts Joshua’s 9th Birthday Moderate
About About our company How our photobooth comes about Moderate
Contact Call/Email Photobooth hire enquiry, rates, availability Moderate

Controlled Vocabulary

Accepted terms Variant terms
Prop Props, moustache, beard, crown
Photo Booth Photobooth, photobox
Backdrop Background, wallpaper
Gallery Photo gallery, album gallery
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

As photography has become so prevalent these days, many people are familiar with photography terms. Photography is also a trend, and whenever new trend comes in, the general crowd will pick up these terms fast. Words like photobooth, props and backdrops are nothing new. They have simply been placed in the context of photography. I find it a little tough to come up with variant terms because these words are already in its simplest and can hardly be replaced with other terms. As my clients will mostly be the younger generation (between 18-40), they will be familiar with these terms and the hype, and it should not pose them any problems trying to understand what we do before booking a service with us.


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